“Can you locate my sister, whom I have never seen?”

KIG Missing Persons

That was the call – a request to find the client’s 1/2 sister.

Many years had passed before the search began, only clues were the adopted mother’s first name and the sister’s name.

I had a challenge and went to work, spending many more hours than anticipated but kept searching the internet databases, social media sites, state records, etc.

Soon, the biological mother was located…days had past but the searching continued. Cross referencing data, mixing and matching information…when all of a sudden I spotted two of the first names with different last names of the adopted mother and client’s sister on the IDI Core site.

The calls went out and “bingo” the family has been put together. The client was very excited, she had been searching on her own for many years.

In the Private Investigations Business one “Never Gives In”.

My company’s motto: “Your only as good as your last investigation.”


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